Monday, August 22, 2016

Postcards from October - November 1919

Speyer A. Rhein
On the back Bill wrote: "Speyer (French Spires), the capital of the Bavarian Palatinate. The Cathedral was desecrated by the French in 1689. November 1919."

The Cathedral
Speyer, Germany
October 1919 
"It should be November on all the cards of Speyer, but it doesn't matter much."

Speyer A. Rhein
"A beautiful modern church built to commemorate the diet in Speyer at which the name Protestants came into being. October 1919."

Worms a. Rhein
This card was written to his sister Mae in Toronto: "Worms a. Rhein, 3.11.19 Dear Mae, I've often had 'em in me but this is the first time the position has been reversed. (I think he's talking about worms.) It's a lovely old town. Letter in process of construction. Go to Speyer tonight + Strassbourg tomorrow. Love, Bill. Written in Worms but never posted."

Showing the Zeppelin falling to earth at Potter's Bar
October 1st, 1916
Bill writes: "A very good picture. It gives an inkling, if you can imagine at nearly the size of an ocean going steamer. I got this out at the place where they have all the zepp truck on exhibition out in East London."

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